V Shutters

V brand shutters will cater the needs of small shop owners who expect quality shutters at affordable price.

What is it made from Benefit of product range

The shutters range offers CR material.

Typical Uses or Specific Use

Typical uses range for Shops, Showrooms and residential purposes. Can be rolled freely on both sides.

Security Level

High security.

Benefit of Product range

Capable of spanning up to 5000mm in width and Sleek design.

Maximum Width

5000mm as per design


15 kg per square metre


Industrial Primer finish

Operational Specification

Pull & Push

Gear Operated with spring

Motor Operated without spring


Available in CRCA Slat Section in 1 mm and 1.2 mm.

Model Available

Zebra, Jazz


  • Noise will be high when compared to other models.
  • Casting Pulley and Light weight Bottom will be used.
  • Rust formation will be higher when compared to GI models.
  • Shutter lath will be assembled by old model without belt and clips.
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